The Wooden Gadget collection: for chewers only

Chris Burns - Nov 1, 2011
The Wooden Gadget collection: for chewers only

Now that the holiday season is approaching much faster than I’m sure anyone in a position to have to drop their hard-earned bills would want it to, one must wonder what a tech-minded person might want, especially one who has everything, especially one who also has a kid: how about some wood? As it’s been made clear here on SlashGear, many of us have kids of our own, and though we might want to keep them as far from the gadgets we’ve got engulfing our everyday lives as we can, they’ve inevitably got them in their mouths on the daily. That’s why an engraving group by the fancy name of “3Princesses” has decided to make a line of wooden baby toys to nip the drool problem in the bud.

So your little munchkin is teething, yes? And she loves to watch television because it’s bright and gigantically flashy – and she somehow figured out that the remote control was was made the visions of euphoria switch between one another. What do you do? You hand her the Baby Wood toy remote control, of course! She can dribble all over that simple block of wood with no repercussions save for much quicker cutting of those chompers. Of course, good luck to you watching TV while she’s actually pushing the teeth through. There will be yelling, so very much yelling.

On top of the remote control, there’s a Nintendo controller (in classic NES rectangle configuration with all the buttons and whatnot cut directly into the wood,) and a brand new smartphone that’ll have your baby think he’s iPhone tapping all day long. Of course you might have a bit of a time explaining the wooden nature of the device once he learns to speak, but that’s a long time away, right? Have a peek at these devices in the creator’s online store now: only $12 USD a pop!

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