The new iPhone SE is nearly sold out everywhere

It would seem as though Apple did not foresee the early success of the iPhone SE, their new 4-inch display-toting iPhone with the body of a tried-and-true past model. The iPhone SE's shipping time continues to slip, as Apple Insider notes, with shipping set to begin on April 22nd – two weeks from today. In-store pickup availability, on the other hand, seems to depend solely on the popularity of the story you're headed to.

If you live in New York City – good luck to you. Stores appear to be sold out across the board. If you live in Minneapolis, on the other hand, your chances of getting at least ONE kind of the iPhone SE in a store are good. You might not be able to find the Rose Gold 16GB edition, but a gray 64GB version – you'll probably be safe.

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You'll find that while the quickest shipping to some areas in the United States starts on the 22nd, those locations closer to shipment areas will see up to 2 days shaved off shipment timing. Not just the date range – the earliest date.

Of course, if you're this concerned with getting a new iPhone SE in your hands in a matter of days, we're shocked you've not already gone out and gotten one – or at least ordered online on day one.

Shipping appears to have slipped just a TINY bit internationally, as well. While here in the USA shipping slips to 2-weeks, places like Hong Kong and London have shipping set for just over 1-week.

Did you see any wild and crazy consumers camping out for the iPhone SE the day Apple announced it? How about the day before it was released to the public? We certainly didn't.

Camping, it seems, hasn't been a sign of success for Apple for several releases now. It was all the way back in September of 2014 that it became apparent: Apple Store lines may be – ARE a thing of the past.