The most insane Star Wars Day product costs $150k and includes a "real" kyber crystal

The folks at Kross Studio worked with Lucasfilm to deliver one of the most over-the-top Star Wars collectables ever made. It's called the Death Star Ultimate Collector Set, and it'll cost you approximately $150,000 USD. It includes a Death Star Tourbillion watch, an extremely detailed container, and a screen-used kyber crystal movie prop from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The kyber crystal crate

Three items of interest appear in this Death Star Ultimate Collector Set. There's the kyber crystal container, the kyber crystal, and the Death Star Tourbillion (with an extra straps). The container acts as transport for the crystal and the watch and the extra set of straps. The container is what Kross Studio representatives describe as an "official reproduction of the Galactic Empire kyber crystal crates."

The crate is 47 inches long (1200mm), 22 inches wide (568mm), and 19 inches high (478mm). The crate was made with wood, aluminum, and black polymer, and is constructed with a total of 732 parts. The crate has both analog and digital elements. At the top is a control panel with a main switch button, main switch I/O LED, manifest panel I/O button, and an array of switch buttons for orange LED rows.

The container is so extremely screen-accurate that it has empty capsule. The capsule is big enough to hold 9 pieces of precious cargo, each in its own space.* Each aluminum capsule is 13-inches high and 4-inches in diameter. The front three capsules contain watch straps, the Death Star Tourbillion, and the kyber crystal.

*The 6 other capsules are "free storage". The 3 spaces near the front have their own capsules, the other 6 spaces are simply "secured within a removable top cover."

The kyber crystal

Each of the 10 sets includes an "official screen-used kyber crystal" as featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Kross Studio suggests that this is "the first time that authentic kyber crystal props will be released to the public."

Each kyber crystal comes with its own certificate of authenticity as well as "a numbered photography" unique to each set. Each kyber crystal is "presented in a capsule and can't be taken out."

Death Star Tourbillion

The Death Star Tourbillion (reference number SWDST21) is a limited edition of 10 numbered pieces. It's not just the full set that's limited to 10 – the watch is part of the set of 10. This watch was constructed with 281 parts, KS7000 caliber movement, and a frequency of 21'600 bph / 3 Hz. This is a manual-winding central tourbillion made with 203 parts, 27 jewels, and holds a power reserve of 5 days.

The case has a diameter of 45mm and with its dome-shaped crystal dome, it's 20mm thick. Without the crystal (anti-reflective sapphire crystal), the black DLC grade 5 titanium is 12.5mm thick. The watch case has water resistance at up to 30m or 3 ATM.

Inside you'll find an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer as the hour hand, and a Super-Class Star Destroyer as the minute hand. The Imperial-Class Star Destroyer is the sort you see most often in the original trilogy of movies, while the Super-Class Star Destroyer is the one you see heading the fleet in The Empire Strikes Back. This same Super-Class Star Destroyer pierces the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi.

The watch also has a fixed hours wheel with an imperial lighting hall design (the pill-shaped lights design), lit with a special pigment material. The hours wheel is filled with white superluminova "blue emission". This is effectively like the sort of glow in the dark material you remember as a kid, but FAR more elite. Superluminova harvests light and emits light for a shockingly long time, at a brightness that's just bonkers.

The back of the case features a D-ring crown and 4 anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The watch back is made with grade 5 titanium, and has an intense amount of detail in and of itself. Three straps are included with the watch, one each of black rubber (with Death Star pattern), grey calf leather, and red rubber.

The "mechanical complication" in the center represents the Death Star. This Death Star-inspired Tourbillion cage makes one revolution per minute while the surrounding hands are affixed to a peripheral display.

Limited Edition

There are 10 of these sets in the world. Kross Studio suggests that the set will be shown to interested buyers by a Kross Studio personal adviser in person or with an e-meeting. The price is $150,000 USD (one hundred fifty thousand dollars), and this does not include taxes or import duty. Or you could just buy a pair of Yoda shoes and be done with it – your call!