The Matrix, Queen, and an alternate ending with Mega-Smith

Chris Burns - Jul 9, 2014
The Matrix, Queen, and an alternate ending with Mega-Smith

Almost a missing point in the history in one of the key nerd-friendly entertainment titles in history, The Matrix: Path of Neo had a secret. This video game – like the other video games in The Matrix universe – was watched over by the creators of The Matrix films. As such, they appeared in the game right near the end, speaking directly to the gamer as 8-bit sprites.

Thanks to Chris Plante from Polygon, this clip has been revealed to the world. Filmed by a user named SecretYoungLink007, you’ll find this set of video spots at the end of The Matrix: Path of Neo. During chapter 14, to be exact, a place where not very many people dared to tread.

It was a relatively long game, after all, and certainly not one of the best now, when it was released, or at any time in-between.

But for those that made it, some extra-strange elements were waiting, including Lana Wachowski (then Larry Wachowski) and Andy Wachowski speaking about the game, its ending, and the metaphysical bits you’d have to think about in creating an ending to a game that already had an ending in the movie it was based on.

In all versions of this game, for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2, you see this cutscene. Because it was released in 2005, this little bit of excellence escaped the blogging universe we know today. It’s not as if there are many people rolling with a PlayStation 2 right this minute.

But you must dive in. You must understand that in addition to Don Davis’ original Matrix Revolutions score, you’re going to find Queen’s “We Are The Champions” in this clip. This track was not added in post-editing by the creator – it’s actually licensed and part of the game itself.

Burn this one into your memory, because it may very well be the strangest bit of Matrix video in existence.

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