Valve Source Filmmaker used to recreate classic Matrix scene

Unless you're the sort of geek who likes to get hands-on and make your own films using development tools, you may not be familiar with the Valve Source Filmmaker. Valve is a company with a name that's recognizable thanks to some of its insanely popular video games like Half Life and others. Source Filmmaker is a tool offered by Valve that features a flexible and modifiable 3-D recording that can be exported as a movie or a still image.

The 3-D recording created using the tool can use the large library of maps, models, animations, objects, sounds, and effects that are included in the package. Users can also opt to import their own content. Valve says that the tool gives developers the ability to modify and control any portion of the recording at any time. This is actually the tool that Valve uses inside the Source game engine to make its own movies.

Using this tool, a geek going by LiveCurious95 on YouTube has re-created a classic scene from the Matrix. Kotaku calls the scene the coolest from the original Matrix film, but I disagree with that. The coolest scene in the film was clearly the massive gun battle in the lobby of the building leading up to the rescue Morpheus.

The scene created using the Source Filmmaker starts on the roof of the building as Neo and Trinity climb into the helicopter and shoot the Agents holding Morpheus hostage. The whole thing looks good, and it appears that the guy imported actual audio from the Matrix film. The worst part about the Source Filmmaker is that the digital character's lips are horribly un-synced with the sound.

[via Kotaku]