The Daily Slash: September 24th 2010

Welcome to the Friday edition of The Daily Slash. Hopefully your week went by well, and fast. The weekend is just about on us, but we have just one last bit to get through. Tonight, in our story from around the Web, we've got a robot that learns something not so good (but it's awesome). And then, follow us as we wrap up what's been going on around the R3 Media Network.

From Around the Web

Robot Teaches Itself to Fire Bow and Arrow: We know robots are getting smarter, and better at pretty much everything, thanks to the ingenious engineers and designers behind their creation. This robot, developed by Dr. Petar Kormushev at the Italian Institute of Technology, has taught itself to not only fire the bow and arrow, but fire it better over time. The robot is designed from open source software, and features Augmented Reward Chained Regression (ARCHER) technology, which is the learning algorithm that made it possible for it to learn how to hit bulls eyes. The possibilities are certainly endless, and slightly disturbing. [via TechnaBob]

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