Sony Introducing the World's First Internet Television on October 12th

Google TV is almost upon us, and it looks like Sony is all set to get their announcements on. While we near the end of September, it doesn't look like GTV is going to get "officially launched" this month, contrary to what Intel's CEO said not too long ago. So it looks like Eric Schmidt's "Fall" time frame was pretty accurate. Sony has just sent out invitations to their Google TV unveiling, toted as the world's first Internet TV. The event is set to kick off at 5:30pm.

There's no secret that this is the official unveiling of Google TV, on a live unit, that we've all been waiting for. It will be Sony that we get to see the first implementation of Google's Web-based video service, which is meant to integrate Google search and other Web-based elements right into your television. As long as Sony doesn't showcase any of the Logitech Revue commercials, everything should be fine. (Not that they would.)