The Daily Slash: September 20th 2010

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend, and took advantage of the "International Observe the Moon Night" "And Talk Like a Pirate Day." If not, there's always next year. In any event, here we are at a Monday, getting ready to call it a night, so it's that time for The Daily Slash. Tonight, in our story from around the web, we'll get another nugget of joy from one Kudo Tsunoda, and then we'll wrap up what's been going on in the R3 Media Network today.

From Around the Web

Kudo Tsunoda Says Hardly Anyone Plays FPS Games on PC: If hearing Kudo Tsunoda, one of the creators behind Microsoft's upcoming Kinect, talk about how Microsoft's future motion-sensing peripheral will outsell the iPad isn't enough for you, here we've got the Microsoft head saying that no one plays First Person Shooter (FPS) titles on PC anymore. He goes on to say that "It's all about the console now." Of course, he was talking about how Halo made console FPS titles what they are today, and that's to be expected. But we imagine there's plenty of PC gamers out there, with their mouse clicking away to fire their favorite assault rifle in their favorite FPS, that would disagree with this statement. [via GameInformer]

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