The Daily Indexed bypasses News Corp's iPad paywall

Back at News Corp's launch of its iPad digital newspaper, The Daily, editor-in-chief Jesse Angelo confirmed that, while HTML versions of articles would be posted online so that they could be shared from the app, there wouldn't be a web interface to access them. Unfortunately for them, developer Andy Baio has stepped in and addressed that, with his new – and potentially short-lived – site The Daily: Indexed.

It's basically as straightforward as a daily feed of articles pulled out by headline and a brief sample, complete with the thumbnail of the issue's cover. Baio argues that linking to public articles is legal, and that since The Daily app only offers the current day's issue, not previous versions, this is in fact a useful way to access content subscribers have already paid for.

Whether News Corp feels the same way, mind, remains to be seen. One commenter suggests that point 8(k) in The Daily terms of service, which deals with derivative works, will be the sticking point:

"You agree that, while using the Services, you shall not:] modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of the Services, whether in whole or in part, or create any derivative works from any part of the Services, or encourage, assist or authorize any other person to do so."