Murdoch: "This year and maybe next year belong to Apple"

The Daily owner Rupert Murdoch has confirmed that News Corp will be looking to other tablets beyond the iPad, stating during the launch Q&A that "we would expect to be on all major tablets." However, while that's the intention, he says "we believe that last year, this year and maybe next year belong to Apple."

Meanwhile, it seems Apple is doing all it can to keep News Corp on-board and happy. The Daily's team confirmed that "Apple is continuing to help us ... see how interesting and great a product we can make on this device."

News Corp plans on also releasing the same content free for sharing online: readers will be able to send access to an individual article via Facebook, Twitter or other methods, but The Daily as a whole will not be accessible via the site, only through the app. So far News Corp has spent $30m setting up The Daily, and expects to spend $500,000 per week running the project.