The Amazon Fire Phone: are you buying?

Is the Amazon Fire Phone gimmick, or genius? That's the question on everyone's mind, as Amazon's long awaited splash into the smartphone market hits AT&T stores. The device is getting mixed reviews, but are they valid?

The screen on the Amazon Fire Phone is conceptually wonderful. The ability to peer around edges in apps and games has a lot of benefit we may not immediately realize. The four front-facing cameras serve their screen master well, but support is so far limited. Save for a few crafty games, not much has been rolled out with the Fire Phone to support its ambition.

Our various posts on the subject leave us scratching our heads on the Fire Phone. While I have pledged admiration for Amazon's newest offering, I also said I wouldn't be buying one. Don Reisinger is taking a more pragmatic approach, while Chris Davies' review revealed what we'd all been wondering about: it was a lot of Amazon in your pocket.

Perhaps it's just ahead of it's time, or maybe the Fire Phone is a solution without a problem. Either way, it's a conundrum for pundits and consumers alike. Some like the easy cooperation with other Amazon devices like the Fire TV, or that it's like having a Kindle tablet in your pocket. Others aren't seeing the appeal just yet.

Is it a phone meant for shopping, or advanced technology we've not seen the best of? Are you interested in buying one, or are you not seeing what the benefits are yet? You tell us what you think in the comments section below, or feel free to join the discussion via Facebook or Twitter.