New Fire Phone games highlight 'Dynamic Perspective'

On launch, the Amazon Fire Phone was a curiosity with a lot of promise. Whether or not you need Amazon at your fingertips, the screen and camera ensemble on the device are intriguing. Tracking the orientation of your head, and letting you "peek around" object on-screen, a clear angle for the Fire Phone is gaming. Now there are two new games specifically designed for the device.

Saber's Edge sounds rough and tumble, but it's a bit more of a brain scrambler than you might think. As Amazon puts it, "Saber's Edge is a strategic match-3 puzzle game where players match tiles across four sides of a rotating cube at the bottom of the screen to help pirates battle rival crews at the top of the screen. The more matches players make, the more firepower they give their pirates in battle. Using Dynamic Perspective, players peek around the corners of the cube to see opportunities to extend their matches, or tilt the device to spin the cube left or right to the next cube face". It's a clever way to make use of the Fire Phone's screen real estate gains.

To-Fu Fury is a comical fighting game, where you're a glob of tofu goo set on freeing the fortune kitty. Like Saber's Edge, To-Fu Fury will let the player peek around corners to plot strategy, seeing enemies and obstacles ahead of running into them. By allowing players to see more than they normally would, the game becomes more strategic rather than a simple fighting game.

To-Fu Fury gawillmes cost $1.99, while Saber's Edge will be free to download. Both will of course be exclusive in the Amazon App Store, and meant solely for the Fire Phone. These first two games actually designed for the Amazon Fire Phone, Saber's Edge and To-Fu Fury, prove a jumping-off point for Developers to base their work and concepts from. Let's see where it takes us.

Source: Amazon