Texas Instruments teams with Harman and iRobot for OMAP 5

This week Texas Instruments has announced the first big collaboration with OMAP 5, their next-level processor. Both


and Harman have decided to use the newest architecture available on the market,

Texas Instruments OMAP 5

, in their newest technologies for a multi-core experience that brings their products to the forefront not just for the excellence of their products themselves, but because the Texas Instruments OMAP 5 platform has proven itself capable of handling their robots and in-vehicle systems the best, quite simply.

For Harman, this collaboration will mean bringing 1080p graphics and interactive Web streaming to some of the world's most advanced vehicles. Here the OMAP 5's architecture works right alongside Texas Instruments' "Jacinto" automotive infotainment processors, this creating a scalable platform with capabilities more than ready to handle a whole load of Harman products. Expect some undeniably awesome rides in the next few years, courtesy of these two titans in tangent with one another.

The iRobot collaboration, on the other hand, is so very new that TI didn't even have a slide for it in their big presentation this week at Mobile World Congress. TI did note, however, that it's because of many of the same reasons Harman is on board that iRobot decided to join in with TI for their robotic products in the near future. For more information on the OMAP 5 and the technology that's integrated in it, check out our giant

OMAP 5 Detailed In-depth

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