Texas Instruments OMAP 5 processor demoed [Videos]

The kind folks at Texas Instruments have released a couple of videos showing off their next generation of processors, the OMAP 5 platform, complete with graphics that'll make you blow your spleen out. This System on Chip that's otherwise known as TI OMAP 5 for short is one that was outed earlier this year complete with two 28nm ARM Cortex-A15 MPCores running at up to 2GHz. If that means anything to you, do read on! If you're completely baffled by processors in general, watch these videos, they're informative!

What we knew about this platform back when it was announced was that there'd be at least two new processors, OMAP5430 and OMAP5432, both of them with up to 3 times the performance of previous generations OMAP4430. Want to know what devices run an OMAP right now? Have a look at our lovely Texas Instruments portal and see for yourself: everything from the legendary DROID BIONIC to the Archos 80 G9 tablet to the possibility of being in the Samsung Nexus Prime, the device we hope to see tomorrow in Hong Kong sporting no less than Android's next generation Ice Cream Sandwich!

What you're about to see here is the OMAP 5 platform's graphics capabilities:

and a demo on how the platform will work with manufacturers in the future:

This is one of the new ways the processor groups are trying to spread the word that their processors are the one's people should adopt. In that they've reached out to us to show YOU these videos, they're convincing the manufacturers of the smartphones and tablets and everything in between that they're going to be what the consumer desires for their innards. Do these videos convince you to look for the OMAP 5 in your future device?