Tesla powers-up its first UK airport Supercharger

Tesla has opened its first Supercharger station at a UK airport, offering free power to Model S owners, though it's not where you might expect. Edinburgh Airport, in Scotland, is where you'll find the two-bay charging facility, rather than any of the bigger locations like Heathrow Airport.

The station, like most Superchargers, is available 24/7 and – if you've got the right charging kit on your Model S – it's entirely free to use.

Don't get any ideas about plugging in your Tesla and then jetting off for a couple of weeks, though. There's an hour limit to how long you can be connected for, though given a 20 minute hook-up to a Supercharger is enough for half of a battery recharge, most owners shouldn't have a problem.

Tesla's plans for the Supercharger network are considerable, though so far the US has been the most catered for in terms of the free fueling points.

In fact, the goal is to cover the US by the end of 2015, paving the way for the Model III – the more affordable Tesla – and, before that, the Model X SUV with its distinctive gullwing doors.