Tesla Cybertruck R/C toy delayed by Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels 1:10 R/C Tesla Cybertruck was delayed beyond its original ship date. Mattel sent emails about the project this week, suggesting that prospective buyers will need to re-confirm their orders as such. This part of the process is normal, as the FTC requires all products ordered and delayed to get reconfirmation of said order – lest that order be cancelled by default!

The Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck R/C model originally appeared back in February of 2020. It should come as no surprise that this product, like many products meant for production in the year 2020, was delayed. The new ship date is May 1, 2021.

People who ordered the 1:10 Hot WHeels R/C Cybertruck will need to confirm their order in order to retain their order. If a prospective buyer does not confirm their order before May 1, 2021, their order will be cancelled.

Per Mattel, "We're sorry to report that shipments of this item have been delayed due to unexpected challenges in this increasingly unpredictable year." This email was specifically aimed at the 1:10 version of the truck – the one that'll run you $400 if you're still interested in buying.

That version of the truck had some "production challenges" that've delayed the ship date and changed the specifications of the truck's battery. Per Mattel, the new battery is a 9.6v @ 3Ah LiFePO4 model, with "one hour of charge time and 30 minutes of run time."

It's been suggested by Mattel that this change should not affect the truck's overall performance, but DOES mean that the truck "can reach up to 250mph scale speed!" That's intense! Now, if only we could get the Cybertruck 1:1 scale in an R/C edition, something like this:

For more information on the Cybertruck and Tesla's efforts to bring the full-scale (non-R/C) vehicle to the open road, take a peek at the timeline of stories below. This has been a strange journey already, of that you can be sure.