Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Headphones Review

If you've always wanted a pair of completely wireless Bluetooth headphones but price has been your hold-back factor until now, you're in luck. The folks at Tenqa have released "Tenqa REMXD" and we've got our hands on a pair this week. They're just $39.99, which should place your eyes directly at their price point first and formost, but they sound pretty darn nice when it comes down to it as well.

This unit is an on-ear pair of headphones and feature a set of on-ear controls as well on the left cup. You'll find a Play/Pause button, an Answer/End Call button, Volume Up/Down, and a lovely analog power switch as well. The volume button is also able to provide you with next-track and previous-track should you like to switch to the next or last item on your mobile playlist on the go. We've tested this function out and have not yet found a system that it does not automatically work with – so feel free to to flip!

As for adjusting the phones on your head, you've got simple tension rods in place with enough room for even the largest beast of a head down to the most petite, and the whole business is powered by your 1/8-inch audio port. This port combines charging via USB cable – also included in the package. Battery life will give you a full day's listening time – 12 or more hours, or several days time if you use them sparingly.

Sound quality is essentially the same anywhere between a foot an 25 feet away from your Bluetooth-connected source. That said, the actual high to low quality is perfectly generous for nearly every sort of listener save the most hardcore of audiophiles, with only a bit of flatness in the low department sitting a bit flatly. Highs are just fine, mids and lows are certainly high above our expectations for the price point which, if you've forgotten, is just $39.99.

You can grab these incredibly inexpensive Bluetooth headphones today from Tenqa's online store with absolutely free shipping – pick em up!