Telenav touts Scout for 2012 GPS market growth

Today Telenav announced that they're doing quite well, hitting 27 million paid subscribers globally with free subscriptions numbering at 3.3 million as of this quarter. Telenav navigation has had its revenue grow from $12.5 million to $15 million to $35.5 million in the years 2009, 2010, and 2011 – a healthy set of jumps indeed. With a strategy to work with consumers "Everywhere Everyday" as well as to attack "Everything Local," Telenav is set to bring Scout (newly updated) and the rest of their GPS-based services to the USA and areas across the earth in an ever-expanding way through the future.

The message this week from Telenav has been those two keys, one Everywhere and Everyday, the other being Everything Local. With Everywhere, Telenav's goal at the moment is to get 100 million subscribers in the short herm. They've got a three screen strategy to get these subscriptions, including web, on your phone, and in your car, and they'll continue hitting these strategies in both Direct and Indirect sectors. Direct sectors are carriers, automotive manufacturers, and app store, while indirect covers developers with HTML5.

For their Everyday goal, Telenav is aiming for people to use their apps multiple times a day. To make this happen, Telenav is aiming for increased usability in general as well as a continuously expanding set of use functions in Scout – their newest push for subscriber-based GPS app usage. Everything Local includes what Telenav describes at Hype Local marketing services for brick and mortar companies – this includes sending more traffic to stores physically.

Have a peek at our Telenav timeline below to follow their growth over the past few months and expect big things from Scout and the rest of the Telenav family soon!