Telenav Scout Plus upgrade bursts with features

There's a brand new Telenav-powered Scout Plus for iPhone out there this week, complete with voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation bliss aside a stack of upgrades. This version of the app includes a free 30-day trial period with either $9.99 per year or $2.99 per month payments after that. Have a peek at what this upgrade affords users of the fabulous directions-toting app at the top of its game.

This version of Scout brings iPhone the not-oft spoken-of ability to do turn-by-turn directions in real time. Where Android has similar features basically right out of the box (that basic bit, anyway), iPhone only otherwise has text-formatted directions: no voice included. Here we've got Telenav powering an app that brings that ease and simplicity to the iPhone in a single feature-full app. Have a peek at just the new features included in this version of Scout:

• Automatic rerouting if you miss a turn or take a detour

• Lane Assist that lets you know which lane to be in before your next maneuver

• Audio & visual traffic alerts & rerouting

• Red-light camera alerts that notify you of red-light cameras ahead with both audio and visual alerts

• Speed trap alerts that let you know when to slow down due to upcoming speed traps

• Posted speed limits that give you your current speed limit with an indicator to show if you are speeding

Then see the app in action here courtesy of Telenav as well – this look like a service you'd be interested in paying a measly $10 a year for?

You can grab Scout, aka Scout by Telenav, from the iTunes store right now – upgrade included right out of the box!