Telenav Scout Maps and Navigation SDK courts Google-shy devs

Google Maps is getting some competition in the location-based services space, with Telenav courting developers with its Scout Maps and Navigation SDK for app and website developers. Packaging OpenStreetMap data – just as Telenav is now using in its own Scout app – in both online and offline forms, the claim is that the data is not only more accurate than Google's, but more affordable for developers, too.

OpenStreetMap relies on individuals to submit edits and changes to the core mapping data, using crowdsourcing to keep the information up to date and add new developments.

For iOS and Android app developers, as well as those creating web and desktop apps, there's the ability to tie in OSM mapping into their software. That includes not only roads, but building footprints, bike routes, pedestrian trials, and vector map data for swifter downloads.

There's also the option to customize language, color, styling, and branding. Both online and offline navigation is supported.

Pricing kicks off from a free tier and rises after that, with Telenav claiming the Scout Maps API is "well below" what rivals are charging. Individual users, meanwhile, can find Telenav's free Scout app in the App Store and Google Play; the latter will be updated to use OSM data next month.

SOURCE Telenav