Tech leader Regina Dugan just left Facebook

Regina Dugan just announced that she'll be leaving Facebook's Building 8. She is now officially ex-Facebook, Google, and DARPA. Today we're having a quick peek at what she's done over the past couple of decades – and have a guess at what she might be doing next. How long does it take to prepare for a run for State Representative in 2018? How about the Senate?

In the year 1996, Dugan became program manager at DARPA. In the year 2009, Dugan became the 19th Director of DARPA, and the first woman to lead the government agency. In 2012, she left her government role at DARPA to take an executive position at Google.

Once Google acquired Motorola, Dugan took part in creating the Advanced Technology and Project group. Otherwise known as ATAP, this group operated within Motorola until Motorola was sold to Lenovo. ATAP was not part of Google's sale of Motorola to Lenovo, and Dugan once again worked for Google proper as Vice President of Engineering, Advanced Technology and Project.

In April of 2016, Dugan moved to Facebook's Building 8. Now in October of 2017, Dugan is moving out of Facebook to, as she said today, "focus on building and leading a new endeavor."

Dugan will remain with Facebook "over the next several months" to assist in a transition into 2018 with Building 8. Just as she did with her transition to Facebook, she's left a quote to signify said transition. This time it was John F. Kennedy.

"The world is very different now. United, there is little we cannot do... divided, there is little we can do. Let us begin anew — remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness. And if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavor, where the strong are just and the weak secure. This will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days. Nor even perhaps in our lifetime. But let us begin." – JFK

This, of course, immediately led to speculation that Dugan might run for office in the 2018 United States election season. The quote above was provided VIA Facebook, while another comment was sent to the press VIA Recode this morning:

"There is a tidal shift going on in Silicon Valley, and those of us in this industry have greater responsibilities than ever before," said Dugan in a statement. "The timing feels right to step away and be purposeful about what's next, thoughtful about new ways to contribute in times of disruption."

We're certainly feeling the disruption here in the technology universe – how about you?