Target confirms Apple mini-store plans

Target has apparently confirmed plans to open Apple "mini stores" in a select number of its retail locations, with 25 of the special displays set to open. Part of the company's new "the Shops at Target" push, which will include other themed "mini stores" focused on boutique home accessories and pet gifts, Reuters reports, putting upscale items in among Target's more typical budget fare.

Exactly which stores will get the Apple sections is unknown at present, as is the timescale over which Target plans to roll out the displays, though some of the designer homeware that will go on sale as part of the scheme will appear for sale in early May, and be available for six weeks. The guess is that Target will follow in the footsteps of Best Buy, which has distinct Apple sections in over 1,000 of its outlets.

Apple displays at Best Buy are distinguished with the typical pale wood tables and minimal signposting the Cupertino company uses in its own stores. Apple devices are already showcased at Target, but this new move is obviously designed to put more emphasis on the brand – and, likely, the hope that its halo will extend and make Target a destination for those who might not ordinarily consider shopping there.