Taiji tablet hides stowaway Bluetooth keyboard [Video]

Remember BYD's Snaptop concept, the Snapdragon-powered tablet with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard hiding in the rear panel?  It looks like someone at Taiji Electronics has been paying attention; they're apparently bringing along their new slate to Computex 2010, a VIA C7 1.2GHz based Windows 7 tablet, and it stores a Bluetooth keyboard in the back section complete with a kick-stand.Video demo after the cut

The prototype has 1GB of RAM and all the usual USB and audio in/out ports; no word on what sort of touchscreen technology it uses.  It seems to support automatic page rotation, too, since the display flips while it's being handled.

As for the keyboard, that slots in as if a removable battery, and is held in by a latch and the kick-stand.  The whole thing is a little more bulky than an iPad, but then again the keyboard and the x68 platform both add to the size.  No word on release or pricing, but hopefully more details will emerge at the show next week.

[via BestTabletReview]