ABIT overclocks Core 2 Extreme to 5GHz with liquid nitrogen

If you like overclocking, and you have some spare liquid nitrogen just sitting around, why not just overclock a Core 2 Extreme to 5GHz?


Would you pay $1000+ for a video card?

I love my gaming rig, I’m fairly consistent about upgrading the parts so that I can run the latest games smoothly. However, I’m not one that needs to be on the bleeding-edge of technology just to play my games.

Apparently Overclockers UK seems to think that there are enough people out there willing to shell out every last dollar that they have in order to get the newest and best. They are currently taking pre-orders for an overclocked BFG 8800 Ultra for £528, which if I have done my math right, that’s about $1054.


OCZ introduces a water cooling kit for your memory – Flex XLC Water-Cooled RAM

I enjoy overclocking just as much as the next guy, but I’ve never really bothered with overclocking my memory very much. Usually the performance gains are minimal because even with a nice heatsink and a case with good airflow, you still run the risk of overheating it.


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