Adidas Halo kicks help you re-up your shoe game and add to your gamer cred at the same time

Are you a hardcore Halo fan? Maybe you just like shoes a lot and seem them as a sort of art form? Regardless, Adidas has something both crowds will like, a limited edition run of Halo, that’s right, the video game, shoes.


Almost Real Halo Energy Sword

I happen to have my own energy sword from halo in the form of a blue squishy keychain. I do so love it as I’m sure (read: hope) many of your do too. I also happen to collect real swords so this “real” energy sword is pretty nifty to me and I want it.


Halo 3 Messenger Bag is fit for Master Chief Himself

I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there… I’m a Halo fanatic. Just like classic Molly Shannon; I love it, I love it, I love it! I’ve even got a plasma sword keychain just incase I’m attacked by the flood on my way to town.


Xbox 360 faceplate for the girly gamers

Any chick gamer can tell you that we occasionally take a lot of crap from fellow gamers. This faceplate for the Xbox 360 is in direct response to that issue. It is the face plate for ever girl who’s ever been asked ‘Are you on your boyfriend’s Xbox?’.


Free Halo 3 from Bungie

Microsoft is being oh so generous this holiday season and decided to give away free copies of Halo 3! Now for the bad news… The offer is only available to those precious few people who have yet to get with the program and upgrade to an Xbox 360. Oh and you also need to be an Xbox live member prior to the purchase.

Free is a bit of an overstatement. If you’re going to spend that much money you may as well throw in the extra $60 and buy the game yourself. That being said for a micro second after hearing this news I was sad that I upgraded two months ago and missed out on the free stuff. Then I remembered that my Xbox 360 and Halo 3 were a gift and all was well.


Xbox Marketplace gets a big upgrade

Xbox Magazine is reporting the December 2nd dashboard update for the Xbox 360 will include a new feature that will allow you to download original Xbox games. The report claims the first round of downloadable content will feature some impressive titles, including the original Halo.


Official: Bungie and Microsoft splitting, sort of

Remember that article I wrote the other day about the rumor of Bungie separating from Microsoft? Well its not a rumor anymore, in fact its quite official.

I don’t know how much of a split it is, here is an analogy of the situation from my perspective though, it’d be like you telling your parent you were moving out, but you move out, into the room above the garage, technically its out, but your still very, very connected. Really all this has done is made it possible for Bungie to work on other games/platforms if they want to.


Bill Gates signed Xbox 360 Halo 3 pack charity auction exceeding $8k

Back when I was scathing about the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition some agreed with me, others scorned; in the end, I decided it wasn’t that big a deal either way since numbers of the limited edition were, well, just that: limited.  However, we’ve now got word of an even more special Special Edition, made covetable because it bears the scrawl of Bill Gates, and currently up on eBay for $8,400 after 56 bids.



Rumor: Bungie leaving Microsoft

Word on the street is Bungie might be looking to part ways from Microsoft and possibly pursue other platforms and maybe even a different gaming title other than Halo. Sure it’s a great game, I played at a friends house a couple days after it came out and then just a couple days ago picked up my own copy, but a gaming company like Bungie can’t depend on one series of game for survival.

Actually they probably could, Halo is a massive money-making machine, but they probably don’t want to, working on the same games for 7 years probably has just about everyone at Bungie ready to go out of their minds. Plus if you remember, Bungie used to make games exclusively for the Mac platform before MS bought them.


Halo 3 takes record $170m in 24hrs

You may not have realised, but earlier this week Microsoft released a little-known Xbox 360 game called Halo 3.  Well, obviously it had lovely packaging or something because apparently they took $170 million in sales in the US on the first day alone; that pushes it ahead of rival media such as the Spiderman 3 film and wretched wizard tome Harry Potter and the blah blah of blah.



All your base are belong to us! Master Chief rings NASDAQ closing bell

Master Chief is in your stock markets killing all your dudes! I really can’t believe that Halo as a force has moved to a point where they let a guy dressed up as Master Chief ring the closing bell for the stock market today.

It really is amazing how far a properly laid marketing plan can go. Bungie, Microsoft, and the numerous Halo fan boys, you can rest now, you have done it, you have taken over the free world.


Lucky man gets Halo 3 early from Dell

First, a couple things, Halo 3 comes out tonight, so we all realize you will be playing that game hardcore for at least a couple days, but please don’t forget to come back here and check us out, we will miss you. Second, who buys Xbox 360 games from Dell?

Well apparently if you do, and your package gets shipped via DHL, you just might receive your game early. Like this gentleman, who probably has a house full of Halo/Bungie groupies sitting at his house waiting on their turn to play right now?


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