Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event adds a new game mode

The Halo franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching Halo Infinite, the sixth installment to the series, in December 2021. That makes Halo not only one of the longest-running titles but also one that frequently gets new updates and new modes. Last week, Halo's current developer 343 Industries shared a teaser on Twitter, showing glimpses of a new event, and this week it is going live.

Starting this week, 343 Industries is launching a new Halo Infinite event called Cyber Showdown that bring sick neon costumes and gear, a new Attrition mode, and ten royal pass challenges that will allow you to unlock otherwise paid rewards for free. The event will be live between January 18 and January 31, 2022.

Cyberpunk outfits and new Attrition mode

To begin with the new features in Halo Infinite, Cyber Showdown adds a new neon holographic mohawk emerging from the Spartans' helmets. Additionally, a digital visor protrudes out in front of the supersoldiers' eyes for better vision and tactical advantage. These mods were leaked by the Halo Infinite Leaks & News Twitter account earlier this wek, and the official update proves them to be on-point. The tipster account also teased a range of attires and mods that haven't, however, made it to the game yet.

The new Slayer mode called Attrition adds a new spin to 4v4 deathmatches. In Attrition, a limited number of lives are shared across the team instead of being limited to a single player. The objective of the mode is to wipe out the enemy team's entire lifepool while reviving your fallen teammates by standing near the orb at the spot where they died. As expected, the team that outlives the other wins the battle.

Challenges that unlock royal pass rewards

p dir="ltr">As many as ten rewards are up for grabs with the completion of each of the challenges available for the next couple of weeks until the event is live. These rewards are part of Halo Infinite's free-to-play royal pass benefits, which was recently upgraded by the developer studio (as announced by Halo's Senior Community Manager, John Junyszek, on Twitter) in response to the initial revolt following the game's launch last month.

All of these challenges are part of the Attrition mode so players will not have to undertake separate daily challenges to advance in the game pass. Kotaku highlights that although you will earn XP for completing these challenges, the converse is not true — there will be no progress through the event simply by earning XP. 

Additionally, you will also be able to exchange some of your daily challenges with those related to the Cyber Showdown event but you are not bound by restrictions to complete a minimum or maximum number of challenges each day, which is an advantage to gamers.