T-Mobile tablet push throws 1GB of 4G a month at users

T-Mobile is offering free 4G data for tablets, allowing subscribers with post-paid phone accounts to add their 4G-enabled slate to their agreement and, for a limited period, get 1GB of data at no cost. Dubbing the announcement – with a little of its by-now-expected hyperbole – "Operation Tablet Freedom", the new promotion follows Wednesday's Simple Starter plan.

While Simple Starter aimed at those looking for an affordable way to get voice, text, and data, this new tablet push targets those carrying multiple devices.

Available until the end of 2014, the offer adds 1GB of LTE data to the existing 200MB T-Mobile was already bundling with all accounts. That data can be used either by the phone or the tablet connected to the account; when the promotion runs out, it'll cost $10 per month from January 2015. The 200MB, however, will continue indefinitely.

Existing T-Mobile voice plan users can get the 1GB plan added on after they make a $10 credit.

Tablets themselves, meanwhile, will be offered in their 4G LTE versions for the same price as WiFi-only slates. There'll be optional financing, but you'll also be able to simply buy the 4G tablet outright.

T-Mobile will also be accepting trade-ins of WiFi tablets to swap for 4G versions, and the offer to pay off rivals early-termination fees (ETF) still stands if subscribers are still in the middle of a tablet data contract.

Finally, there are new prices for T-Mobile's regular tablet data plans, cutting $10 from the 3GB and 5GB options. Those reduced fees are available for non-voice customers as well.