T-Mobile rolling out iPhone 5 software update, addresses battery and enables LTE

The official T-Mobile iPhone 5 doesn't release until April 12, but those with unlocked models can take advantage of T-Mobile's network right away. For those customers, T-Mobile is rolling out a software update that enables LTE on unlocked iPhone 5 models, as well as improves battery life and enables Visual Voicemail.As expected, T-Mobile updated their support forums to address the software update, and it lists a roll-out date of April 5, so unlocked GSM iPhone 5 users should be receiving the OTA update at some point today. On top of the previously-mentioned updates, other features like improved Personal Hotspot settings, improved MMS settings, and HD Voice are also included.

It seems that T-Mobile is anticipating a lot of iPhone 5 users to switch over to the carrier after announcing new plans that start at only $50 per month. This gives customers unlimited minutes and text messages, as well as 500MB of data, which is usually enough for just the everyday user, while 2GB more will cost only $10 per month.

Of course, LTE is a hot topic, but T-Mobile users will only have it a select number of areas around the country. However, T-Mobile plans to cover 200 million people with LTE by the end of the year. And while the T-Mobile iPhone 5 will support HD Voice, it won't support WiFi calling, something that could be a major blow for some users.