T-Mobile iPhone 5 won't support WiFi calling

It looks like T-Mobile's version of the iPhone 5 will lack a feature that many T-Mobile subscribers love to take advantage of. At T-Mobile's Uncarrier event today, it announced that its version of the iPhone 5 will not be supporting the carrier's exclusive WiFi calling technology. While it may not be a deal breaker for many, especially since T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network has just gone live, many others will be disappointed.

T-Mobile's WiFi Calling is a lifesaver for many people, especially considering how T-Mobile doesn't have the best network coverage around. If you have poor-to-no reception in your office, or at your friend's home, or at a Starbucks, you can switch on your WiFi and use a nearby WiFi network as a coverage extender (for compatible phones). The service makes sure that you can get coverage indoors at all times.

While T-Mobile's iPhone 5 won't have support for WiFi calling, it will be the only iPhone 5 from any major carrier to offer HD Voice calling. The feature delivers crystal clear phone calls between two HD Voice compatible phones. Background noise will be reduced drastically and you'll be experiencing calls as if the person you're talking to is right next to you. With the iPhone 5's LTE capabilities, as well as its 4G HSPA+ capabilities, you can be assured that you will be HD Voice-capable at all times.

T-Mobile now has LTE coverage in Phoenix, San Jose, Baltimore, Kansa City, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and Houston. You will be able to experience an average download speed of 25Mbps and an average upload speed of 8Mbps on T-Mobile's LTE network. Some screenshots have shown, however, that T-Mobile's LTE speeds can reach up to 60Mbps download speeds. To take advantage of T-Mobile's new LTE network, you should check out the carrier's new Simple Choice plans.

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