T-Mobile iPhone 5 pre-orders live, available April 12

Today's the day, folks. Those wanting an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile can now order one on T-Mobile's website with a ship date of April 12. You can grab one for as low $99 down, with monthly payments of $20 per month for 24 months. Or, if you have the cash, you can pay in full at checkout for as low as $579 for the 16GB model. Join that together with a $50-per-month plan and you really got something.

T-Mobile announced availability of the iPhone 5 during the carrier's "UNcarrier" event late last month. T-Mobile emphasized that it wanted to shake up the wireless industry with all-new plans that no other carrier is offering. It's quite a bold move on their part, but CEO John Legere seems confident that customers will love it.

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 is practically the same model that's on other carriers, save for a few changes with the wireless chip and support for different bands and spectrums. However, AT&T iPhone 5 models will work on T-Mobile if the phone itself is unlocked. For the cheapskates, T-Mobile also offers the older iPhone 4S, which only costs $69.99 down, as well as the iPhone 4, which costs $14.99. These older devices, however, are only available in select locations.

The iPhone 5 comes with 4G LTE, so T-Mobile customers will be able to take advantage of faster speeds, but the carrier only has LTE available in a handful of cities, but they're adamant about expanding their LTE network and say that it will cover 200 million people by the end of the year. Here's hoping that they can get it done.