T-Mobile Nokia event invites sent, Lumia on the horizon

Next week there's an event going down that'll be a team-up between Nokia and T-Mobile, a mobile event to be sure, in New York for certain, the possibility that we'll see a Lumia device still a mystery. Last month we saw both the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, Nokia devices the both of them, each working with Windows Phone Mango right out of the box. Both Nokia and T-Mobile are betting on wins here in the near future, both because the carrier's been shut out of the iPhone market and because the manufacturer has just recently started their partnership with Microsoft for Windows Phones shot out across the earth. We shall see what this event brings soon enough.

When you've got a device so lovely as the Lumia 800, for example, running an operating system that's not exactly caught up to its competitors since its launch a bit over a year ago, you've got to think that something magical is about to happen – or that the creators and developers on all sides of the equation certainly hope something fantastic will come of it. T-Mobile needs to pull out a win in the mobile market because it's seen favor being thrust upon its competitors by both Apple and Google's Android partners, and Nokia will be more than glad to release its already well-received Windows Phone-toting devices here in the states one way or another. But think about this as a possibility: perhaps it's a Symbian device!

No way, that's barely inside the greater realm of reality, much less possible for an event next week here at the end of 2011. While 2011 saw the steady decline of basically all mobile operating systems besides Android and iOS, Windows Phone certainly hasn't kicked the bucket, nor has Symbian believe it or not. What do you think we'll be seeing here in the last month of 2011 from these two mobile warriors?