T-Mobile gives staff advice for in-store combat regarding the iPhone 4S

We don't know how T-Mobile truly feels regarding getting left out on the next device coming from Apple this fall, but we do have some leaked staff notes explaining how staff can combat customers and explain the Android offerings vs the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S.

In case you missed anything from camp Apple today it is all available at our Apple Portal. For those not following along the new iPhone 4S is headed to the main carriers here in the U.S. but T-Mobile. Yesterday they began sending around notes to staff to help teach how employee's can explain what is best for customers needs, and why they should choose a T-Mobile smartphone running on 4G HPSA+ and Android. Here is part of what the notes had to say:

...engage in informative conversations with our customers. These conversations will include many details about T-Mobile Android phones and why our quality 4G nationwide network is a smarter choice for many customers. Use every opportunity to engage the customer, ask lifestyle questions and transition the conversation into 'Why T-Mobile."

Looking over the image above it appears customers will be told that they can still trade in their existing iPhones for as much as $200 in return for signing up for a T-Mobile contract. Staff are to try and steer the conversation to "why T-Mobile." Most likely employees will be pushing buyers for new smartphones such as the HTC Amaze 4G as it will be available October 12th in stores. T-Mobile will most likely also be pushing potential buyers and those trading in their iPhone's for the new Samsung Galaxy S II (Hercules) for T-Mobile that is also set to launch come the 12th of October. Personally the Galaxy S II would be my choice over on the Magenta carrier but that's just me.

I'm sure more than a few T-Mobile customers aren't happy about this news, or the fact that there isn't an iPhone 5 that was released today. Either way these release notes from T-Mobile look like they've been planning on not having the next iDevice when it finally dropped. I hope they have a few things up their sleeve other than the Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II because they might need it — or do they?

[via TmoNews]