T-Mobile G2x Internal Issues And Resolutions Document Leaked

Over the last few days, there's been some ruckus about the T-Mobile G2x being pulled from the carrier's online store. Although T-Mobile explained the temporary disappearance on inventory constraints, that didn't stop speculation about quality issues having to do with it. Now, it looks like, at least internally, T-Mobile is finally starting to address those issues.

The T-Mobile G2x has since day one been plagued with problems such as random reboots, light leakage, and other quality issues. T-Mobile has admitted that a "small percentage" of customers had certain complaints or in their words had "commented about possible improvements." The carrier even said that they've been working with LG to deliver a software update to nix the problems.

Today, images of an internal training memo has cropped up that covers several of the most common problems. Although a majority of the issues are still pending resolution, it does show that T-Mobile is at least taking the situation more seriously. The G2x is certainly one of T-Mobile's top sellers right now and we also gave it a positive review. Once T-Mobile and LG figure out a fix for some of the quirky problems, the phone will be close to perfect, well except for the new price hike.

[via TMoNews]