T-Mobile G2x Pulled Due to Quality Issues?

T-Mobile's G2x may be one of its hottest phones right now, but there may be some quality issues with the device that have gotten the device pulled from T-Mobile.com. According to TMoNews, a search for the device on the carrier's website currently only turns up G2x accessories, as the the device itself has mysteriously disappeared.

The G2x has been plagued with issues including random reboots, light leaks, and other quality control issues since its release. Some initially thought the G2x simply had firmware issues, but the recent disappearance could suggest much more serious hardware issues.

T-Mobile is also set to have a midnight sale today, but tweeted late last evening that the devices to be offered for the sale will now be the G2 and the Sidekick 4G, instead of the G2x. This is an interesting development, and we'll keep you posted on whether T-Mobile confirms any issues for the G2x. In the meantime, you can take a look at our review of the G2x.

[via TmoNews]