T-Mobile confirms Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

T-Mobile confirmed via a tweet today that it will indeed be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Earlier this month, we were clued that the tablet would be heading to the carrier when a 10-inch Samsung tablet showed up at the FCC sporting T-Mobile's AWS bands. Now that's confirmed, but we'll have to wait for the details, which the carrier has promised to reveal in the coming weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has so far been available in a WiFi-only version as well as in a 4G LTE version for Verizon. Since Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphones were launched with slight variations for each carrier, it's not certain whether there might be any modifications to this model for T-Mobile, except that it will support T-Mobile's 1700MHz AWS bands along with 850 and 1900 GSM bands, EDGE, and WCDMA/HSPA.

This is good news for T-Mobile, which has already shot down rumors of getting an iPhone 5 this year. Being left out of the next-gen iPhone excitement, the carrier is instead pushing two major Android phone releases with the HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Now, it gets to tout the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well. Hopefully, that will help tide it over as it awaits to be merged with AT&T, if the $39 billion deal gets approved next year.