T-Mobile boosts Music Freedom; Google Play Music incoming

Chris Davies - Aug 27, 2014
T-Mobile boosts Music Freedom; Google Play Music incoming

T-Mobile USA has added six new streaming music services to its Music Freedom, promising audio access from twelve providers without eating into your data allowance, and with Google Play Music still to come. Music Freedom launched two months ago, divorcing services like Spotify and Pandora from each subscriber’s data bundle so that they could listen to as much they wanted without encountering overage fees.

The service launched with support for iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Samsung Milk, Slacker, and Spotify, with T-Mobile promising more to come. That’s happening today, with AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark, Radio Paradise, Rdio, and Songza all being added.

Still missing, however, is Google Play Music, though it’s certainly on T-Mo’s radar. The carrier opened the votes for which services should be included next to subscribers, and was told overwhelmingly that Google’s on-demand system was the most-wanted candidate.

“T-Mobile is on track to add Google Play Music to the Music Freedom program later this year,” the carrier said today.

It certainly sounds like Music Freedom is getting some use, too. T-Mobile says seven thousand terabytes of music have been streamed since the launch, with 5m more tracks played per day than before the offer began.

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