T-Mobile adds cellphones to international calling add-on

Chris Davies - Feb 20, 2014
T-Mobile adds cellphones to international calling add-on

T-Mobile USA has tweaked its Stateside International Talk & Text calling add-on, adding a new tier of service that drops its limitation that international numbers must be landlines. The new $15 plan – $5 more than the existing Stateside International Talk & Text package launched in October last year – now includes unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling from the US to in excess of thirty countries worldwide.

It also includes 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to Mexico cellphone numbers. In fact, T-Mobile claims, the list of covered countries now means that the package reaches nearly half of the cellphones worldwide outside of the US.

The new add-on, which will be offered alongside the $10 package, includes unlimited US to landline calls in over seventy countries, as well as unlimited texting to recipients in more than 200 countries. It also limits cellphone to cellphone calls to $0.20 per minute at most for mobile numbers in over 100 countries.

T-Mobile breaks down the list of supported countries [PDF link], which includes calling landlines in the UK, Japan, and New Zealand.

Last month, T-Mobile said it would pay the early-termination fees for any subscriber to a rival US network if they opted to quit their contract early and jump over. The deal sparked a sudden flurry of similar promotions and deals from AT&T and Verizon.

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