SwiftKey's prototype "Clarity" keyboard autocorrects multi-word phrases

SwiftKey makes third-party keyboard apps for Android and iOS. The company is best known for its main predictive keyboard which suggests words that you can select with a quick tap. SwiftKey's latest release is an experimental keyboard, dubbed Clarity. This new app changes the game a bit. It's prototype version doesn't suggest predictive choices for you to select; instead, after you have typed a string of words, it will go back and retroactively correct mistakes in the sentence using "multi-word autocorrect". The app also carries over some of the popular features from SwiftKey's Flow, swipe-to-type, app.

Sometimes, autocorrect can lead to the most embarrassing texts at the most inopportune times. Any mistaken predictions made by Clarity can be quickly corrected. Just tap the backspace key and instead of erasing, the text will be reverted back to what you originally typed.

The app is designed, like the original SwiftKey, to get used to the way you type, adapting to your patterns of words and vernacular. The more you use it, the better accustomed the app will become to your typing, creating more accurate predictions.

Clarity doesn't offer a full swipe-to-type keyboard like it's predecessor, SwiftKey Flow. So, you'll still have to tap most of your keyboard entries, but you can swipe out from the shift key to type capital letters.

Although the flagship SwiftKey app finally made it to iOS, Clarity is still in beta testing, so it's is only available for Android, for now. Clarity is still in beta testing, so you can expect some bugs every now and again, until its full release.

Download the beta version of Clarity from the Google Play store here.