SwiftKey 3 Beta and where you can get it

This week the folks at the digital keyboard app group SwiftKey are releasing their third big iteration, SwiftKey 3, to the Android masses absolutely free. Of course you'll have to be part of their VIP community, and this release is only a Beta, and they'll want you to give them feedback so they can make a better product for the future. But all that out of the way, SwiftKey's method of pre-releasing a beta product for testing has been in place with them now for many moons – and it appears to be working!

Each time SwiftKey releases a new version of their software – for smartphone, for tablet, or for both, they work with the community to make it as great as it can be before its released to the general public. We got the opportunity to take part in this VIP community this past week with a Beta build of SwiftKey 3, a fabulous update which includes the ability to type without using your spacebar to separate words!

Have a peek at our hands-on with the application for both Android smartphone (HTC One X in this case) and the Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE):

This release will be available for all VIP community members starting this week at the http://vip.swiftkey.net/ website. There you'll be asked to sign up and high-five the SwiftKey community before you download the beta of this build. After that, it's all yours – be sure to contribute to the project for greater greatness as they create the final release, too!