Surface Pro 2 official: not "reinventing the wheel" but "making it better"

This week the folks at Microsoft have introduced the Surface family in a bit of a reboot, starting with the Surface Pro. As the company is making clear this week through their own Panos Panay, "reinventing the wheel is not the goal, making it better is." In other words, this isn't going to be a striking bit of change for the Surface Pro (or the non-pro Surface, for that matter), instead it'll be a collection of boosts.

The Surface Pro has been reintroduced with the ClearType HD display of the original, this time working with "46% more color accuracy" along with Dolby sound technology and a boost in graphics by 50%. That's a percentage over the original Surface Pro, of course. Performance has also been increased by 20% over last year's model.

Continuing down the line of percentage boosts, the Surface Pro 2 works with 20% better battery life and – surprise – a kickstand that's able to move back to more than just one angle. Surface Pro 2 will work with the newest Intel Core processors (Haswell), and will work with a new set of covers as well. The first of these is the Surface Power Cover – this cover works with a physical keyboard and adds "two and a half times battery life" compared to the original version.

Have a peek at the Surface tag portal for more information as we follow along with Microsoft through the day, and stick around as we hit up some close-up hands-on time before you know it. Let us know if you're planning on moving forward with this product given the information you've got so far as well – we'll be dropping more as soon as possible!