Surface Laptop 2 (2018) first impressions and hands-on

Chris Burns - Oct 2, 2018, 5:15 pm CDT
Surface Laptop 2 (2018) first impressions and hands-on

We’ve got our hands on the new Surface Laptop 2018 today and our first impressions are in. Long story short: not a whole lot changed since we last had a go at this machine. The differences between this and the last Surface Laptop are mostly under the hood. Of course that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s still Alcantara in the mix, after all – and now the Alcantara comes in black.

The newest version of the Surface Laptop remains a treat to behold. While it’s no longer entirely unique as a laptop that employs materials other than metal, glass, or plastic, this notebook remains a tactile leader in the notebook industry. Here Microsoft sticks with what works, delivering the same materials as before in a package that remains sleek and beautiful.

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The Surface Laptop looks and feels like a top-tier Windows notebook. It’s not the most powerful laptop in the industry, but Microsoft hasn’t positioned it as such. Instead this is as high quality a piece of hardware as you’re likely to find with this level of craft and style.

Colors for this newest edition of the Surface Laptop include Cobalt Blue, Burgundy Red, Platinum, and a brand new Black. If you’re all about getting the newest in new, you’ll want the Black. But remember this: the only differences here are the external color and the processor change – so if you’d like a MAJOR change, you might want to wait another season.

The Surface Laptop for 2018 will be made available on preorder immediately if not soon. Prices haven’t changed in a major way compared to the most recent models, instead replacing those elder models in the market from top to bottom. This device will be made in several different configurations, some of which will be available soon, others by the end of this year.

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