Surface Dial pricing and release date info revealed

In revealing its Surface Studio all-in-one today, Microsoft also showed off a new accessory called the Surface Dial. The Dial seems interesting not only because of what it can do, but also because it's compatible with the range of Surface products – not just the Studio. Just like that, Microsoft has dropped pricing and release date info on the Surface Dial in our laps, and its launch is actually just a couple of weeks away.

Though the Surface Studio won't be out until December, the Surface Dial will be launching on November 10. When it arrives, it'll be sporting a $99 price tag. That puts it firmly in the "premium accessory" price range, but actually, it might be a little less expensive than some people were expecting.

While there are a number of uses for the Surface Dial, it seems to be aimed at designers and artists first. The Surface Dial offers easy access to things like shortcuts and drawing tools, while also letting artists manipulate their images on-screen. Even though all of that can be done on the touchscreen, the Surface Dial has the advantage of offering one-handed controls, allowing users to keep their Surface Pen in their other hand as they use the Dial.

Placing the Surface Dial on the screen will open up a radial menu that can be used to pick a new color or summon an on-screen ruler. The device also feature haptic feedback, which Microsoft says will help keep you "in the moment" and immersed in your work. Of course, it doesn't need to be specifically a creator's tool, as it can also be used to switch tracks on Spotify or flip through news stories and photos.

All in all, it seems like a solid accessory, and one that will probably find popularity among those who pick up a Surface Studio. It's available to pre-order now through the Microsoft Store and will begin shipping out on November 10.

SOURCE: Microsoft Store