Super Pixelander lets you drop Flappy Bird for dubstep

If you're all about fighting aliens, collecting gems, blasting asteroids, and listening to 8-bit beats while you're at it, we've got a game for you. Super Pixelander works with music from Blankfield to make certain you're rolling deep in the beeps while you're trying again and again to avoid getting hit by flying bits.

Check some Blankfield music now to make sure you know what you're getting into – though you might find more metal there than break-beats. While this game is made by Sunny Tam, you'll be just as inundated by the sounds as the visuals.

Your eyes will be doused in squares as this pixel-friendly title centers on a mix of old and new-school graphics. Control is set with a single finger, not unlike the control of Flappy Bird. Instead of moving through columns, though, you're moving in and out of the paths of rocks, ships, and bullets.

Watch for lasers as well as you collect as many gems as you can in your space rocket. Super Pixelander is on Google Play for free right this minute. You'll see some banners on the ga,e but all gameplay and achievements are free – you've got to earn the lot!