Super Mario Run gains new friendly run mode

The problem with a lot of mobile games is that they all require energy or something in the game to allow you to keep playing. In the case of Super Mario Run (check out our review here) you need Rally Tickets to play in the normal mode of the game. A new game mode has been added to the game called Friendly Run that allows you to play with your friends without having to shell out any Rally Tickets.

To use the new mode, you do need to add a few friends in the game. The new mode is available in the trial version of the game and the full version. The catch in the trial version of the game is that you only get one Friendly Run per day. Full version players can play Friendly Run up to three times per day before you clear World 1.

After clearing World 2 or higher you get five Friendly Runs daily. All you need to do to use those free Friendly Runs is choose the person from your friends list to challenge, tap run and then play. The Friendly Run plays like the Toad Rally with the catch being that you won't earn coins, gain toads, or level up. The big upside is that you can play this without using tickets.

Clearly Nintendo wants to keep players wanting to play after they earn all the coins in World Tour mode and being able to challenge friends is a decent way to keep people interested. It's also a great way to let other people try the game out on your device without using your Rally Tickets. The mode will also encourage people to add friends in the game. Interestingly a few days back it was announced that no DLC would be coming for the game, yet here we are with a new mode.

SOURCE: Toucharcade