Super Mario Run DLC isn't planned, so don't hold your breath

Super Mario Run is a few days old and, unfortunately, not terribly exciting. Early reviews are lower than hoped for, with a glut of one-star reviews dragging down the game's overall App Store rating. The disappointment has resulted in Nintendo's shares falling, and now there's some bad news for those who did enjoy the game: there's no Super Mario Run DLC planned, so what you see is what you get.

The info comes from The Wall Street Journal, which says it got word from a Nintendo spokesperson that the company doesn't have any additional content for Super Mario Run planned. Unless something changes, the $9.99 USD fee will unlock all the current levels, but won't cover any future expansions.

Super Mario Run Review: It is not free, there is a fee

Users have been polarized over that fee, and some feel Nintendo made a mistake by using this monetization method. While the game is free to download, players only have access to a few levels before they have to pay a one-time fee to unlock the rest of the game. Mobile games typically utilize a monetization model in which the core game is fully accessible while add-ons (extra lives, for example) are available for a small fee (usually only a dollar).

In this way, Super Mario Run is more like a very limited trial that lets you test what is essentially a for-pay game...unless you're satisfied having only a few levels that provide only several minutes of gameplay. Not familiar with Super Mario Run? Check out our review above, then hit up the timeline below for related news!