Sunset Overdrive launch done with real, actual explosions

If you're one of the lucky few (like us) to be playing Sunset Overdrive in advance of the game's launch, you'll know that there are lots and lots of explosions. So very many explosions. You literally cannot play the game without making explosions happen extremely frequently. In celebration of this, Xbox and Insomniac Games are bringing on a week of explosions in the real world, and you get to see them right this minute – below, that is to say. You'll need to press play, too.UPDATE 3: Have a peek at our Full Sunset Overdrive Review!

The game Sunset Overdrive is set in the future, the year 2027, and it's all about the company Fizzco and how their energy drink is just awful. Not just terrible taste-wise, but just the worst because it turns you into a zombeast mutant maniac. It's called Overcharge, and today you get to see it blow up.

You'll get to peek at the game a little bit more in the video here too, but mostly it's about shooting cans of energy drink. And it's actually pretty funny for real. Made by the folks at SourceFed.

UPDATE 1: That video died. Have a look at this video instead from RatedRR. It's more explosive anyway.

In additions to the explosions you see here, you'll find a final blowing-up of either a collection of mutants or Fizzie, your favorite balloon creature parade balloon. The mutants will be inside a Mutant Transportation Vehicle, and the Fizzie will be a big ol' balloon.

Those that head in to vote on what gets exploded next will get an in-game outfit exclusive to this particular situation. It's a Granny's Revenge outfit and you're going to need it!

Stick around for SlashGear's full review of Sunset Overdrive coming soon! The final release date for this game on Xbox One is the 28th!

UPDATE 2: It's time to blow up Fizzie!