Sunset Overdrive gameplay streams arrive in excess

This morning the folks behind Sunset Overdrive have let loose the first wave of gameplay authorizations. This means we're not exactly allowed to talk about how awesome it is or isn't, but we ARE allowed to share our first live stream of the game with you right this minute. Have a peek at what the first few minutes are like right here and now – and don't get lost in the orange goo. That won't be too pretty – and watch out for the masses of zombified beasts crawling the streets, of course.

Our live stream will be going for a short bit this afternoon – stick around and see what you can see. First we'll be accessorizing – probably for hours on end. Then we might actually play a little bit. We'll just have to wait and see. Make sure you expand to full screen for full action.

Note that we're streaming Xbox One through an Elgato GameStream HD – so that's how that quality is. We'll be trying a few different methods through the next few days.

You'll be able to see a number of live streams starting immediately – we recommend Twitch.TV to see the lot of them. Until we're up and running, go wild. Below you'll see a number of presentations from the folks at Insomniac Games as well – watch as they explain how you fire guns, what you'll be doing in Sunset Overdrive in the middle of the night, and everything in-between!