Summly app no longer functional soon: tech to return in Yahoo

Chris Burns - Mar 26, 2013, 10:31am CDT
Summly app no longer functional soon: tech to return in Yahoo

The Yahoo purchase of the app Summly and the technology therein have had one rather important effect on those users out there that’ve been using the system thus far – they’re fresh out of luck. As the 17-year-old creator of the Summly ecosystem has become a millionaire overnight, he’ll soon be working for Yahoo full time, and the Summly app will no longer be available to the public. Such is the nature of this takeover.

And there goes another news reading app. If you were looking for alternatives, look no further – we’ve got an alternative RSS reader apps article (originally intended for Google Reader) fresh as last week that’ll still be able to help you on your way. Once you’ve picked up Pulse or Feedly or whichever of the several services are still out there and bright as a pumpkin, you can await their purchase as well.

Of course not every group wishes to be bought out. When you see the monstrous growth and sustained popularity of a system like Pulse, you’ll find that a larger company takeover becomes less and less likely as their service becomes more and more appealing. Have a peek at Google Currents, too, if you dare. You’ll find SlashGear feeds in each of these readers right out in front in the technology sections of each – a quick search will do you fine as well.

Have a peek at our brief history with Summly in the timeline below and, if you’re a Summly user right now, we suggest getting out as soon as possible. Soon there will be no official support, and your apps may well be axed due to incompatibility with your devices. Make with the transfers!

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