Subscription iTunes access could be $10-15 per month tip insiders

Apple's rumored plans for a subscription music service are once again making headlines, with sources telling The NYPost that the Cupertino company's iTunes VP Eddy Cue has been in recent talks with major record labels.  The plan, one source suggests, is a range of tiered pricing from $10 to $15 per month, though final decisions on how much access to the iTunes catalog subscribers would have – and how long they would have that access for – are supposedly yet to be made.

For their part, music industry executives are said to be "supportive" of the subscription service, seeing it as a way to counter stagnating single sales.  Microsoft's deal with Spotify – who have confirmed they will have a Windows Phone 7 client for European subscribers – has apparently reignited both rumors and negotiations.  Apple has declined to comment on the speculation.