Street Fighter V CG trailer teases June’s story mode

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 8, 2016, 6:55pm CST
Street Fighter V CG trailer teases June’s story mode

Street Fighter V’s launch is nearly upon us — it’ll be launching February 16, in case you didn’t hear — and ahead of that launch comes a fully CG trailer giving us our best yet look at the game. This trailer is particularly exciting in light of the DLC news in recent days; let your imagination run, because this summer the game will score a load of storyline content that fleshes it out in a way no other Street Fighter has experienced. Video after the jump!

The full CG trailer (below) is more than 3 minutes long, and introduces the characters in all their new glory. This is just a taste of what gamers are in for, though, especially once this summer rolls around. Late last month, Capcom announced plans to release a load of cutscenes as part of a free download in June. The initial release will give a little detail about the characters’ backgrounds, as hinted in parts of the trailer.

The Story Mode DLC, though, will add more than an hour’s worth of cutscenes to the game, fleshing out a storyline that’ll give fans something more than they’ve ever had. Details on what kind of story will emerge haven’t been provided, but a look at the trailer above teases the kind of action and animation we can expect.

Of course, that won’t be the only DLC. In December, we got some details about half a dozen DLC characters Capcom has planned, including Balrog, Ibuki, Alex, Guile, Urien, and Juri. When this particular DLC will arrive, though, isn’t known except that it will be some time in the first year of the game’s launch — some likely at some point this year.

Recently, Capcom also detailed how “Fight Money,” the in game currency, will work. Gamers will be able to earn it by playing in both the arcade mode and the survival mode, and will be able to trade it in for downloadable content, such as new characters (as they become available). According to the company, Fight Money won’t be showing up until sometime in March, and those who get the game early should have enough in-game currency saved up to download the first DLC character (which also arrives in March).

After checking out the trailer above, be sure to hit up the timeline below for more Street Fighter V details, as well as our Video Games portal for more gaming news and reviews!

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